Generally, people with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome do not have problems tolerating bread and baked goods. Although there is a trend toward gluten-free foods and some bladder patients say that avoiding gluten has helped their symptoms, the great majority of IC patients consume most breads, cereals, and baked goods without issue. Read labels to avoid products that contain high levels of added vitamins. Some patients may also be affected by high levels of preservatives. Individualization via trial and error is the key.

Good to Read:

Grains List

Note: Foods labeled with a plus sign (+) may be especially soothing during an IC flare according to patient reports.

Bladder Friendly

  • Bread – corn bread+, oat bread+, pita, potato bread+, white bread+, Italian sweet bread, whole wheat bread (i.e. Ezekiel)
  • cereals – most cereals without problem ingredients, oat cereal, rice cereal (hot or cold)
  • crackers – matzo
  • grains – couscous, grits, millet, quinoa+, spelt
  • flours – buckwheat, wheat
  • pasta
  • rice+

Try It

  • bread – rye, sourdough
  • cereals – instant packaged hot cereal
  • crackers – without problem ingredients
  • grain – amaranth


  • bread – made with unsafe ingredients and/or heavily processed and fortified
  • cereals – heavily preserved, sweetened, heavily fortified and flavored
  • flour – soy
  • pasta – prepared or boxed pasta dishes
  • rice – boxed dishes