IC Comfort Products

There are many products that can help ease your symptoms, make food easier to eat, and help you travel more comfortable. Just like modifying your diet, however, the use of these products will be a trial and error. Some people do really well with the acid reducers, some do not. You may have to experiment with whether heat or cold packs help ease your pain. Finally, if you try some of the coffee substitutes, you might try calling the companies and asking for samples so you can try a small amount before you invest in a large package. Many of these products are available at local grocery stores or pharmacies; however, the links on this page go to Amazon.com which helps Confident Choices maintain its website, blog and other free materials for IC patients. As always, I appreciate every purchase you make through our links.



Bladder and Prostate Seat Cushions

Lava Seat

Bodi Heat Pads

MSG Savory Choice Broth

Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief

Epsom Salts

Azo Standard

AZO UTI Test Kit