Meats, Fish, and Other Proteins

Most IC and painful bladder syndrome patients respond well to a diet that contains high quality protein. High protein foods, with the exception of soy and some beans, are usually very well tolerated by bladder patients. In addition, protein contributes to wound healing, a health immune system, conservation of lean muscle mass, and may curb the appetite―perfect for those who are trying to manage their weight! A simple way to be sure you are getting enough protein each day is to have a two to four ounce serving of meat, poultry, fish, or other high quality protein at each meal and snack. For example, a person who eats two eggs for breakfast, cottage cheese for a snack, a turkey sandwich for lunch, and a medium size pork chop for dinner can be sure they are getting enough protein for their body to function properly. Looking for a quick protein-rich dinner? How about scrambled eggs or an omelet?

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Meats, Fish, and Protein List

Note: Foods labeled with a plus sign (+) may be especially soothing during an IC flare according to patient reports.

Bladder Friendly

  • eggs+
  • poultry – chicken+, turkey
  • fish+
  • beef+
  • seafood – clams, crabmeat
  • (not canned), lobster, shrimp
  • lamb
  • pork
  • protein powder – whey, egg whites
  • veal
  • liver – beef or chicken

Try It

  • garden/veggie burgers – without soy products
  • beef – corned beef
  • sandwich meats – liverwurst, ham (fresh or boiled, without heavy preservatives or flavorings.)
  • bacon
  • anchovies
  • caviar
  • prosciutto
  • sausages – without problem ingredients


  • cured meats – bologna, pepperoni, salami
  • canned crab meat
  • hot dogs
  • sausage – most
  • smoked fish
  • soy products – soy veggie patties, protein powder, tofu